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Novogene Officially Added to Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect List

Novogene (stock code: 688315) is one of the newly added securities for the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect program and will be officially included in the stock connect target.

The expansion of eligible stocks under the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect program took effect from March 13th 2023, enabling qualified mainland China investors to access eligible Hong Kong shares as well as Hong Kong and overseas investors to trade eligible constituent stocks of SSE A share index. It marks the largest bi-directional expansion in the history of the mainland and Hong Kong capital markets. Till date, 1192 SSE listed companies have met the qualifications and are included in this list.

Novogene was founded in Beijing, China in 2011 with a mission to advance genomics and improve life. It has strong expertise and experiences in advanced molecular technology and bioinformatics. Novogene’s business spans across scientific research and clinical services; which includes next generation sequencing services, mass spectrometry analysis, and bioinformatics support services for universities, research institutes, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, agricultural enterprises, and more around the world.

Experts from China Securities Journal highlighted that the expansion of stock connect’s scope is an important measure for the capital market to actively support the construction of a new development pattern and promote high-level two-way opening up. This expansion has a positive significance. It facilitates the investment by overseas investors in the A-shares market, enhances coordinated development between both capital markets, and better meet the trading needs of overseas investors. Ultimately, it can share the dividends of the Chinese economy, attract more long-term funds from overseas, and promote higher levels of institutionalized opening up in the capital market.

Novogene is committed to deliver superior long-term shareholder value. It will continue to bolster its service quality and offerings via advancement in its innovative technology and sequencing solutions as well as execution of its global localization strategy. Novogene’s inclusion in the Shanghai-Hong kong Stock Connect program is expected to further boost its market visibility and cater more effectively to the trading requirements of investors.