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2021 Novogene European NGS Forum

2021 Novogene European NGS Forum

Thank you for being part of the 2021 Novogene Europe NGS Forum. We had a great time putting the event together and we
really hope you found the presentations insightful and interesting. We have made the six keynote presentations available
below along with a PDF of the slide decks.

Day 1: Plant and Animal Research. Wednesday 20th October

  1. The dynamics of hybridisation between an avian island endemic and a recent
  2. Dr. Sonya Clegg
  3. University of Oxford

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  1. Applying Personalized Genomics to Ash Trees
  2. Prof. Richard Buggs
  3. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

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  1. The Genomics of Feralisation and the regulation of iridescent structural colour
    variation in the chicken
  2. Prof. Dominic Wright
  3. Linköping University

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Day 2: Human Research. Thursday 21st October

  1. Expression of pro-apoptotic NOXA/PMAIP1 drives synthetic lethality upon RUNX1
    inhibition in pancreatic cancer
  2. Dr. Matthias Wirth
  3. Charité Universitat Berlin

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  1. Gut microbiome and its interplay with environment and health – lessons from the
    Dutch Microbiome Project
  2. Prof. Alexandra Zhernakova
  3. University Medical Center Groningen

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  1. Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) in lung fibrosis: a core determinant of
    epithelial-mesenchymal crosstalk
  2. Dr. Yihua Wang
  3. University of Southampton

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  • Dr. Sonya Clegg
    Associate Professor of Evolutionary
    University of Oxford, Department of Zoology

  • Prof. Richard Buggs
    Professor of Evolutionary Genetics,
    School of Biological Sciences, Queen Mary University of London and Senior Research Leader, Royal Botanic Gardens,

  • Dr. Matthias Wirth
    Teamleader and Principal Investigator,
    Division of Hematology and Oncology at Campus Benjamin Franklin (CBF)
    Charitie Berlin

  • Prof. Alexandra Zhernakova
    Full Professor of the Human Genome and
    Exposome,University Medical Center Groningenanklin

  • Dr. Yihua Wang
    Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences,
    Principal InvestigatorUniversity of Southampton

  • Prof. Dominic Wright
    Professor of the Department of Physics,
    Chemistry and Biology (IFM)