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10 Years’ Effort--How did Novogene activate own DNA

10 Years’ Effort–How did Novogene activate own DNA

It is well known that in recent 10 years the gene industry has been growing rapidly, which increased the competition among global gene enterprises. Currently the competition in gene industry is not only limited to solution, price or supply chain resources, but also more comprehensive and more all – sided strength such as brand strategy, talent management and enterprise value.

After 10 years of development Novogene has implemented the global localization operation. With the professional scientific research, continuous innovation, reliable quality service, win – win cooperation mode, Novogene has successfully created its “Enterprise DNA” with four values “Professionalism, Innovation, Integrity, Partnership”.

Use innovative thought to lead the market

Take the gene sequencing industry as example, as the NGS technology has been continuously innovated, so has the client process and business application environment. Therefore, the gene sequencing enterprises have to stop relying on technological differentiation. They need to initiate changes, accept failure, and create innovative operation mode with enterprise value.

Novogene is the most representative gene technology enterprise. In 10 years, based on innovation spirit, Novogene has been focusing on the latest bioscience achievement. From single core product to comprehensive product system, from bioinformatic analysis to gene sequencing solution, from genomics to multi – omics, from technology to clinic……all of above have shown the continuous innovation of Novogene. In the innovative management field, based on own technological advantage and fully understanding of downstream market demand, Novogene has been optimizing the management process and informatization level of collecting samples, managing samples, testing samples, reading samples, checking gene pool, and delivering. By improving management efficiency Novogene can reduce cost, reduce delivering cycle and improve the stability of service quality.

Based on the continuous innovation of technology, products, business modes and management modes, the global leading high – throughput genome sequencing flexible intelligent delivering system Falcon was created and officially launched in March last year.

With the drive of innovation, based on the principle of “Professional people do professional things”, Novogene has shown its advantage on both technology and talents. On the one hand, based on high – throughput genome sequencing and bioinformatic analysis, Novogene, whose foundation is basic science, has created the gene sequencing platform with leading scale of throughput. It also uses multi – omics technologies to provide multi – level technological service and solutions for global clients. Until December 2020, Novogene has published over 600 SCI articles in cooperation with project partners, with a cumulative impact factor of over 4,270. On the other hand, only when there are sufficient talents can innovation continue. Under the leadership of Dr. Li Ruiqiang, Novogene has gathered a group of talents from multiple areas including mathematics, physics, biology, agronomy, medicine, computer and informatics. Among them there are over 60 percent of masters and doctors, which makes the team the largest biological information team in the world. They provide great mental support on genomics research and bioinformatic development.

Use Integrity to create partnership circle

It is well known that any research result needs long – term research, discussion and practice, which needs all team members’ effort. When Novogene provides service for their clients, they set quality control in each step to make sure that the result is accurate and effective. Meanwhile, Novogene has been working on the automation level of each step, to reduce the use of manpower and possible fault, and increase the efficiency of sequencing and stability of quality. It is precisely because of the high standard that Novogene has become the “reliable partner” of the global clients.

The reason why Novogene can have the chance and ability to cooperate with global top scientists and finish many leading research, is that Novogene not only has superior products and service, but also treats each client honestly. Under any circumstance, Novogene can negotiate with clients in time, analyze problems and provide best solutions. Even when the Covid – 19 influenced the progress of projects, Novogene showed its comprehensive service capability and perfect service network, they paid close attention to the work resumption of clients, followed up the progress and requirement update in time, tried to work it out with clients. All the results obtained by Novogene are based on “integrity”.

In the last 10 years the growth of Novogene was based on the stable cooperation and well market reputation created together with many partners. Its business has been expanding, which has covered over 4,000 clients in over 70 countries and areas in the world. That made it impossible for newcomers to enter this industry. Novogene believes that, besides the recognition of enterprise and service from clients, the implementation of globalization mainly relies on the partnership value which brings long – term benefit growth for both or multiple sides, which also indirectly promotes the development of the industry. Creating value for clients, employees, industry and society is the core concept of Novogene’s enterprise culture, and also the “Keystone” which makes Novogene the leading enterprise in the gene technology industry after 10 years.