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NovoMagic: Online RNA-seq Bioinformatics Analysis Tool


NovoMagic is a cloud-based platform developed by Novogene for personalized analysis of sequencing data. It offers a comprehensive suite of analysis tools for “Human mRNA-seq” and “Plant and Animal Eukaryotic mRNA-seq with reference” projects, enabling users to easily customize and re-analyze their sequencing data. The platform is based on Novogene bioinformatics analysis and is available free of charge.

With NovoMagic, users can select specific gene groups, analyze gene expression, identify differentially expressed genes, and perform gene function analysis with ease. The platform also includes 17 toolkits for further analysis, providing users with greater flexibility and options. Novogene plans to introduce more toolkits for other products on NovoMagic in the future, making sequencing data analysis faster and more convenient for users.

NovoMagic is designed to simplify the sequencing data analysis process, making it accessible to everyone. Whether you’re an experienced bioinformatician or just getting started, NovoMagic can help you make sense of your data and generate meaningful insights. Try it out Now and see how NovoMagic can streamline your sequencing data analysis workflow.

Features of NovoMagic


Free for mRNA-seq bioinformatics analysis

17 customized data analysis tools

Easy production of publication-ready figures

Toolkits of NovoMagic

GO Plot
Gene Ontology enrichment based on the
customized parameters

Venn Diagram
Plot Venn diagram based on gene ID list or
gene expression quantity table

Volcano Plot
Make Volcano plot based on customized
thresholdquantity table

And more…

Interested in trying out the features and toolkits of NovoMagic?

You can request a Demo Account by emailing us at and our team will get in touch with you to schedule a personalized demonstration.

If you are a Novogene customer, you can log in to your Customer Service System (CSS) account directly and explore the guest mode features to start analyzing your RNA sequencing data. These features will help you get familiar with the platform and its capabilities.

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Do transcriptome analysis with just a click

This ebook discussed several of the analytical steps involved in RNA-seq data analysis pipeline, and how you can use the tools of Novogene’s NovoMagic platform to accelerate your RNA-seq data analysis.

eBook Download here

NovoMagic – An Online RNA-seq Bioinformatics Analysis tools

The webinar discussed how to navigate NovoMagic’s functionalities and provide tips and tricks for its successful application. Watch now.