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Full Genomes™ Corporation Collaborates With Novogene To Offer Low-Cost Whole Genome Ancestry Test

Full Genomes™ Corporation Collaborates With Novogene To Offer Low-Cost Whole Genome Ancestry Test

— Comprehensive GenomeGuide now available at $895 —

January 28, 2015, Rockville, MD and San Diego and Beijing – Full Genomes™ Corporation, the first company to offer a high-resolution and comprehensive Y chromosome test in January 2013, announced today that it is collaborating with Novogene, a leading genomics solution provider with the largest Illumina-based sequencing capacity in China, to offer GenomeGuide , one of the first whole genome tests for ancestry purposes for under $1,000.

GenomeGuide, now available to consumers at $895, includes raw data (BAM file), variant summary reports from SnpEff and VEP that are compatible with third party tools, such as Promethease, autosomal and X-chromosomal variant identification (Variant Call Format) files , and mitochondrial and Y chromosome reports (for males). As with other Full Genomes products, GenomeGuide is intended for ancestry/research-use only, and should not be relied upon for medical or diagnostic purposes.

Novogene, the only Illumina Genome Network partner in China, will deliver high-quality WGS data using the Illumina Hi-Seq X Ten system capable of sequencing up to 18,000 human genomes per year at the lowest cost per genome, and will apply its advanced bioinformatics capabilities and expertise to provide variant analysis.

“The advent of new technology has enabled Full Genomes to offer GenomeGuide, a new whole genome ancestry test which will be the most comprehensive ancestry test on the market today,” stated Justin Loe, CEO of Full Genomes. “Full Genomes is committed to providing responsible and detailed genetic reports to the customer,” he added, “and we are incorporating the latest technology to enable the consumer to receive comprehensive information on their ancestry. With their advanced Illumina technology, outstanding informatics/analysis, and highly responsive and effective support, we are confident that Novogene will deliver the high-quality WGS results our customers expect.”

“We look forward to collaborating with Full Genomes and to helping enable the delivery of this highly cost competitive ancestry research to consumers,” stated Dr. Ruiqiang Li, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Novogene. “As one of the first companies in the world to purchase Illumina’s HiSeq X Ten in early 2014, we have extensive experience with the system and are uniquely positioned to provide Full Genomes and its customers with the highest quality WGS data.”

About Full Genomes Corporation

Full Genomes incorporated in 2012 for the purpose of making full genomic sequencing for genealogical use available to the general public at a leading price point. Full Genomes introduced Y Elite, a comprehensive (next generation sequencing) of the Y chromosome in 2013 to the genetic genealogy market. Since then, a variety of customers in the U.S. and overseas, as well as a number of institutions have used FGC’s Y chromosome product. Full Genomes’ proprietary DNA analysis capabilities for the Y chromosome have been recognized and have been used for a variety of research projects. Full Genomes has partnered with various vendors and organizations for sequencing and chip development with the goal of advancing new products and DNA services addressing additional markets.

About Novogene

Novogene Bioinformatics Technology Company, Ltd., headquartered in Beijing with branches in the US and UK, is a leading genomics solution provider with cutting edge bioinformatics expertise and the largest Illumina-based sequencing capacity in China. Committed to quality service and scientific excellence, Novogene has achieved rapid growth and industry recognition by working in partnership with diverse healthcare, educational and research institutions around the globe to realize the unlimited potential of the rapidly evolving world of genomics. The company has completed numerous major service projects with findings published by top-ranked journals such as Science and Nature. Novogene is the first company in China to purchase Illumina’s HiSeq X 10 system and is the only Illumina Genome Network partner in China. Novogene Corporation is Novogene’s U.S. subsidiary, based in San Diego, CA. To learn more, visit

For more information, contact:

Justin Loe
Chief Executive Officer
Full Genomes Corporation

Joyce Peng, Ph.D.
Global Marketing Director and General Manager
Novogene Corporation