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Congratulations to Dr. Li, for being named as Highly Cited Chinese Researcher in 2021 by Elsevier

On April 14th, Elsevier, the world’s top source of professional scientific research and medical services, published the “Highly Cited Chinese Researchers” list of 2021. Dr. Ruiqiang Li, founder and CEO of Novogene was listed again. Elsevier has designated Dr. Ruiqiang Li as a highly cited scientist in China for six years in a row since 2016, demonstrating his significant academic influence among peers.

The “Highly Cited Chinese Researchers” list uses Scopus —— one of the world’s most authoritative database of research publications and citations, as the statistical source of scientific research achievements of Chinese scholars. The list includes 4,701 individuals, they represent 523 universities, enterprises, and research institutes, covering 10 subject areas and 84 first-level disciplines from the Ministry of Education.

“The essence of scientific research is to seek novelty. We need to continue exploring uncharted area, which requires us to understand the industry’s cutting-edge technology and gain insight into the next development trend. ” Dr. Ruiqiang Li said of the driving force behind continuous breakthroughs, ” I’ve been working in the gene industry for 20 years, and the more we do it, the more we discover that our understanding of life sciences is not enough. I have always believed that genetic technology can be a lifelong career.”