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Webinar: Applying Personalized Genomics to Ash Trees

Webinar: Applying Personalized Genomics to Ash Trees

novogene Applying Personalized Genomics to Ash Trees 20210601

Thursday 3rd June 3pm BST

Join Novogene’s Sophie Xue and Prof. Richard Buggs from the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew for what promises to be a fascinating webinar hosted by Frontline Genomics.

The role of genomics in healthcare is well established. Less well understood is the role of genomics in climate change and ecology. Yet there are many transferable skills and approaches to be gathered from how scientists are using genomic technologies in these fields. Not to mention some extremely exciting and innovative science.

We’re delighted to bring you something truly exciting and different: Professor Richard Buggs, from the renowned Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, talking about genomics and tree health/adaptation.

This new webinar, Applying Personalized Genomics to Ash Trees, takes place on Thursday 3rd June at 3pm BST / 4pm CEST
Register for the webinar here.

It’s based on research by Richard and his team that has already been published in Nature, and other journals, and is packed full of innovative genomics approaches that will get you thinking not only about your own genomics research/work, but also about the importance of applying genomics to something that impacts us all – climate change.

What you will gain from this webinar:

  • An outline of how genomic approaches are being utilized in evolutionary biology, ecology and – specifically – tree conservation.
  • A better understanding of the genomic basis of resistance to fungal diseases in plants and trees, and where this work fits into the wider picture regarding climate change and sustainability.
  • How cost-effective genomics tools and approaches can be applied to deliver impressive research results, including the use of whole genome sequencing, Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS), pooled sequencing and genomic prediction.
  • A detailed understanding of the pooled sequencing approach taken as part of this work.

Ensure you don’t miss this excellent opportunity to broaden your genomics horizons and register for the webinar here. A little short on time? No problem, this webinar will be available on-demand for all registrants.

Applying Personalized Genomics to Ash Trees, Thursday 3rd June at 3pm BST / 4pm CEST. 

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