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Chipscreen and Novogene enter a strategic partnership for companion diagnostics development

Chipscreen and Novogene Enter a Strategic Partnership for Companion Diagnostics Development

Chipscreen Biosciences Co., Ltd. (Chipscreen, Stock Symbol: 688321. SH) and Novogene Co., Ltd. (Novogene) recently announced a strategic partnership for companion diagnostics (CDx) development. Under the agreement, Novogene will develop a CDx for Chipscreen’s anti-tumor drug candidate Chiauranib (CS2164), and will provide molecular testing services during Chipscreen’s clinical trials on Chiauranib.

Chiauranib is a multi-kinase inhibitor designed and developed by Chipscreen to target several novel molecules in three signaling pathways. Its anti-tumor effects stem from the simultaneous inhibition of angiogenesis and mitosis as well as the modification of the tumor microenvironment. According to the agreement, Chipscreen will leverage Novogene’s professional CDx development team and its CAP-accredited lab in Tianjin, China, to accelerate the clinical development of Chiauranib. “The collaboration between Chipscreen and Novogene will help select the right patients for the clinical development of Chiauranib in several tumor types, including ovarian cancer, small cell lung cancer, liver cancer, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.” Said Dr. Zhiqiang Ning, Executive Vice President of Chipscreen, “In the US and many European countries, the co-development of innovative therapeutics and companion diagnostics is already a common practice because it has proven to increase the efficiency and success rate of drug development. We really hope our partnership with Novogene will help implement this idea and practice in China to benefit more patients faster.”

CDx not only increases the efficiency and success rate of drug development, but also makes treatment more personalized and effective. This is particularly important in the development of targeted therapies and immunotherapies in oncology. “Novogene offers a one-stop-shop molecular CDx development platform, has the experience of successfully developing and registering oncology in vitro diagnostics in China and operates a diagnostics sales network that covers the entire domestic market. We are thus perfectly positioned to provide pharma partners with comprehensive, value-added CDx services.” Said Dr. Jeff Cheng, Chief Scientific Officer of Novogene, “This partnership between two companies that are each leading player in their own field is an exciting joint effort on the orchestrated development, registration and commercialization of an innovative targeted therapy and its CDx in China.”

About Chipscreen

In 2001, Chipscreen Biosciences was founded in Shenzhen, specializing in the research and development of original small molecule drugs. With the self-created “integrated drug discovery and early evaluation platform based on chemical genetics” as its core competitiveness, Chipscreen Biosciences has now become one of China’s leading innovative drug enterprises, forming a modern biomedicine group company in Shenzhen, as its headquarters / research and development center / GMP production base, Chengdu, as a regional headquarter / research and development center / GMP production base, Beijing clinical research center and Shanghai commercial center. At present, the company has developed a number of original new drug product lines for tumors, diabetes, and endocrine and autoimmune diseases. In December 2014, the original anti-tumor new drug Chidamide was approved by the China Food and Drug Administration for marketing. Shenzhen Chipscreen Biosciences Co., Ltd. (Stock Symbol: 688321.SH) has been listed on the SSE STAR Market on August 12, 2019.

About Novogene

Founded in March 2011 in Beijing Zhonguangcun Life Science Park, Novogene specializes in the application of cutting-edge molecular biology technologies and high-performance computing in life science research and human health. Currently providing services to clients in more 60 countries and 6 continents, Novogene has become a global leader in the field of genomic sequencing and bioinformatics services.
With a deep understanding of the drug R&D process, rich project management experience and a strong commitment to data quality, Novogene provides fully integrated services for preclinical, translational, clinical and diagnostic R&D needs from pharmaceutical companies across the world in our strategically located CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified labs across the globe.