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Novogene Powered Literature on Science

Novogene Powered Literature on Science

NGS tech revealed fungal resistance in wheat

On April 9, 2020, a research article entitled “Horizontal gene transfer of Fhb7 from fungus underlies Fusarium head blight resistance in wheat” was published on “Science”. In this work, Novogene, a bioinformatics institute, supports services on genome assembly, genome structure annotation and evolutionary analysis.

Fusarium. graminearum is the prominent pathogen of wheat FHB in China, USA, Canada, Europe and many other countries, which threat for global wheat production and food safety. Thinopyrum elongatum has been used into wheat for resistance breeding because of its potential of FHB resistance and strong growth ability. Fhb7 plays a main role in FHB resistance in Th. Elongatum, However, the E reference genome of Th. Elongatum is not available and molecular identity and mechanisms of FHB resistance remains equivocal. This study reports the assembly of a reference genome for Th.elongatum and describe cloning and biomolecular characterization of Fhb7. Fhb7 encodes a glutathione S-transferase (GST) and confers broad resistance to Fusarium species by detoxifying trichothecenes via de-epoxidation. Fhb7 GST homologs are absent in plants, and the evidence supports Th. elongatum has gained Fhb7 via horizontal gene transfer (HGT) from an endophytic Epichloë species. Fhb7 introgressions in wheat confers resistance to both FHB and crown rot in diverse wheat backgrounds without yield penalty, providing a solution for Fusarium resistance breeding.

Figure 1. Genome evolution of Th. elongatum and Fhb7’s cloning.

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