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Novogene's 10th Anniversary | Thank you for your trust and support

Novogene’s 10th Anniversary | Thank you for your trust and support

Dear customer,

Today is Novogene’s 10th birthday. We want to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation and thank you for placing your trust in us.

Novogene was founded in Beijing, China in 2011, ten years after of the release of the Human Genome Atlas in 2001. At that time, life sciences had developed from descriptive research to molecular level quantitative research. Gene sequencing technology expanded from being limited to a few large sequencing centers to being available in research laboratories. The liberalization of Non – Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) was the pathway for gene sequencing to move from research to clinical applications. This was the start. We now see gene sequencing technology applied to more and more scientific research and clinical fields, helping us understand life and the world more deeply and accurately.

Persistence is the key to our success. From offering a single service to a comprehensive solution. From bioinformatics analysis to full – service gene sequencing. From local focus to global localization. From genomics to multi – omics. From research to clinical applications. Over ten years Novogene has helped introduce the world to the infinite possibilities of genomics.

Ten years of promise. With the hard work of Novogeners and the support of our customers, we have established 15 subsidiaries and laboratories around the world. We provide gene research services to more than 4,000 top universities, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and other customers in more than 70 countries around the world. Novogene has truly become a global genomics service provider.

Today, at the age of ten, Novogene has reached a new phase of development.

We are in an era of constant innovation. We will become increasingly integrated into a network of global innovators, build on our strengths as a global organization, and improve the quality of our research services to provide the most efficient, accurate and accessible services to our customers. We will also expand our medical and healthcare services and explore more application scenarios of gene sequencing, developing mutually reinforcing collaborations. As part of the global scientific community, we share our expertise and resources to lift others as we grow, however our social responsibility extends further, to support the development of society as a whole.

Our journey for the next decade has already started. We have the belief and the capabilities to continuously develop better products and provide higher quality support and services to help our customers across the globe meet their goals. We will live up to your trust!

Ruiqiang Li

March 15, 2021