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Transcriptome Sequencing

Powered by the Illumina platform, Novogene’s Transcriptome Sequencing services offer RNA sequencing for both mRNA and non-coding RNA, including our popular long non-coding RNA sequencing, small RNA sequencing, and circular RNA sequencing services. In order to reveal the interactions between coding and non-coding RNAs in eukaryotes, whole transcriptome sequencing services are also provided. Featured as long reads from the PacBio platform, isoform sequencing enables the read-out to be in the form of full-length mRNA transcripts. Analysis of prokaryotic species can be done at an individual level and community level with our Meta-Transcriptomic Sequencing services.


Sequencing Platform


    NovaSeq 6000

    System specifications:

    80Gb - 6Tb output range, 1.6 - 40 B paired end reads per run, and PE150, PE250, PE50, etc.c


    PacBio Revio System

    System specifications:

    90% of bases ≥Q30, 90Gb HiFi yield / SMRT Cell, 360Gb HiFi yield / run, 24-hour run times etc.

  • PacBio

    PacBio Sequel II/IIe System

    System specifications:

    >99.9% (Q30) HiFi reads, even coverage across high-GC/repeat regions and base modifications detection.


    NovaSeq X Plus

    System specifications:

    65Gb - 16Tb output range, 3.2 - 52 B paired end reads per run, and PE50, PE100, PE150, etc.c