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Media Report-Next ten years-How will Novogene keep pace with the development of gene sequencing

Media Report-Next ten years-How will Novogene keep pace with the development of gene sequencing

The year 2021 is the 20th anniversary of the release of the first edition of human genome sequence map, in the last 20 years we have made great progress on the development of gene sequencing, also we have made great contribution to the research breakthrough of life science. With the help of science development we have learned more about lives, and have been able to seek more potential of life science.

Prosperous industry brings a rat race behind the scenes

The field of gene is one of the fields with the fastest innovation, the closest connection with the industry and the greatest development potential. Since the second generation of sequencing appeared the gene technology service has grown rapidly, while the latest high-throughput technology transforms the life cycle into data and information for analysis, which meets the personalized needs for more in-depth data mining and exploration in more research. The increasing gene sequencing service providers help accelerate the development of the gene technology industry

The industry of gene sequencing still has great potential from the perspective of capital market. Whether the initial non-invasive prenatal screening, or the tumour field which has become popular in recent years, they all attract more and more entrepreneurs, funds and traditional enterprises, and the trend urges the reshaping of the industry competition. If a gene sequencing enterprise wants to win the favor of capital market in such fierce competition, its core competitiveness and differentiated competitive advantages may become the key factors.

Digital reserve forms the core competitiveness

As the data output of the second generation sequencing is getting larger and more complex, the analysis of the sequencing result becomes the most important step of current gene sequencing industry. It can be said that the data interpretation is the most valuable part in the whole industry. The data analysis and interpretation accumulated over a long period of time and plenty of project experience form the high entry barrier of the industry, which also show the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

When we talk about the bioinformatics analysis, Novogene is undoubtedly one of the most representative enterprises. Sorting out and reorganizing the data generated by sequencing, building a totally leading data center, and improving the operation efficiency of data analysis system and process, are the key points for Novogene to meet the market demand and maintain the competition advantages. As an enterprise started with informatics business, since Novogene was founded, we have been developing a series of informatics analysis methods and software under the leadership of our founder Dr. Li Ruiqiang, the process helped us explore the value behind the gene sequencing data. Until now, Novogene has had over 200 bioinformatics experts and accumulated 169 software copyrights. The self-made bioinformatics analysis software and database provide support for massive gene sequence interpretation and omics data analysis, which help more scientific research experts in the field of biological industry get results.

On March 31st, Beijing Novogene Technology Co., Ltd opened the new shares subscription, which meant that another global leading biological technology enterprise officially entered the science and technology innovation board listing stage, the listing is coming soon. According to the prospectus, about 20 percent of the recruitment funds will be used for informatization and data center construction. In the future, as the data generated by the second generation sequencing increases, Novogene’s advantage on bioinformatics will be more obvious.

Besides, based on the continuous improvement of data analysis technology, Novogene continuously optimized the automation level of each operation step, and creatively developed global leading flexible intelligent delivery system, which made the automation of all processes from sample collection to data analysis and delivery come true. It significantly reduced the manpower demand and product delivery cycle, and improved the stability and accuracy of sequencing process.

Based on solid scientific research we try different perspectives

In recent years, as the scientists made progress in the research on genome, transcriptome, proteome and metabolome, as well as the bioinformatics analysis technology, the high-throughput omics technology has been created. It integrated all these multi-omics technologies including genome, transcriptome, proteome and metabolome, and provided massive experiment data and advanced technological method for systems biology, which made it the important basis and method of future life science and medical research.

Since 2017, with the basis of leading gene sequencing technology, Novogene has begun introducing multiple technologies such as protome and metabolome in general, then Novogene integrated them and built omics integration technology system platform. With years of technical accumulation, Novogene has used omics research methods to publish 31 papers in the international journals, with a cumulative factor of 382.32. Rapid, low-cost and high-throughput gene sequencing services are widely popularized and promoted at both the application and consumption ends, Novogene has made early arrangement and formed the cross-field synergistic advantages from basic and transformation research to clinical application. Meanwhile, based on the solid technical service, Novogene can continuously provide source of power for transformation of clinical application. Novogene has been working on multiple perspectives, including oncology, genetic diseases, pathogen detection and diagnosis, etc. Currently Novogene has been developing and registering multiple products including tumour detection, newborn genetic disease detection, and infection detection. In the future, Novogene will continue to expand the clinical application scenes, and fulfil the mutual promotion and common development of science and clinic.