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Novogene is a Global Force

Novogene is a Global Force

As a NGS service provider, we have completed 1.2 million samples – and we are just getting started

On May 14, Dr. Ruiqiang Li, the CEO of Novogene, was invited to attend the Illumina China NGS Summit in Shanghai. Dr. Li represented Novogene, which was introduced as “an excellent Chinese enterprise expanding on the global stage”. In the interview with illumina, Dr. Li shared his story along with Novogene’s growth.

“…We are building an industry-grade infrastructure. After the scale of the business increased, we switched from experimental production line to automation and informatization of the whole process. In this way, we can do a better job in large-scale sample processing and big data collection. And the production capacity can also be expanded rapidly.
Our collaboration with Illumina is not just about purchasing equipment, but more about leveraging our respective strengths,” says Li. “We use the cutting-edge technology together to provide tools and support for Chinese and global scientific research customers to explore the world, help scientists achieve abundant results in the biological sciences, and jointly promote the development and prosperity of genomics and the biotech industry…”

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