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Novogene Prepares To Enter The Proteomics Service Market With The Addition Of Five Thermo Scientific™ Q Exactive™ HF-X Mass Spectrometers

Novogene Prepares To Enter The Proteomics Service Market With The Addition Of Five Thermo Scientific™ Q Exactive™ HF-X Mass Spectrometers

San Diego and Beijing, October 5, 2017 — Novogene, a leading provider of genomic services and solutions with cutting edge next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics expertise, recently announced the stationing of five Thermo Scientific™ Q Exactive™ HF-X Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap™ Mass Spectrometers in its Tianjin laboratory. With this addition, the company will be able to begin offering proteomic services. Novogene is committed to building the world’s most advanced biological mass spectrometry center to provide customers with comprehensive and in-depth multi-omics solutions.

The Q Exactive™ HF-X Mass Spectrometer uses a high-capacity transfer tube for maximum ion loading, an electrodynamic ion funnel that accommodates and transmits ions over a broader mass range, and a high-field Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap™ mass analyzer. The platform significantly improves the scanning speed to an unprecedented 40Hz, the sensitivity by up to 10 times, as well as the quantitative reproducibility and sample throughput of protein detection. These features make the Q Exactive™ HF-X better-suited for the in-depth study of proteomics of complex biological samples.

As a world-leading sequencing services provider, Novogene has shown unsurpassed strength and capacity in genomic services and solutions since its founding in 2011. With the addition of five high-resolution Q Exactive™ HF-X Mass Spectrometers, Novogene has marked its transition from a genetic sequencing service company to a full service, multi-omics solution provider to better serve its customers worldwide and to enhance the quality of scientific research and precision medicine.

“Novogene has been focusing on applying high-throughput sequencing technologies in the field of scientific research over the years, and has become the world’s largest next-generation and SMRT sequencing center,” said Dr. Zhi Jiang, President of Novogene. “Proteomics is closer to the dynamic changes in life activities and phenotypic variation. With the continuous development of the mass spectrometry technology, we have seen a growing demand for multi-omics research. We have had a long-term collaboration in genomic sequencing and molecular diagnostics with Thermo Fisher already and we look forward to this in-depth cooperation to jointly promote the development of proteomics in the life sciences research with Thermo Fisher.”

Novogene’s services cover scientific research, cancer gene detection and genetic testing areas. With the largest sequencing capacity and gene interpretation capabilities worldwide, Novogene has provided genomic sequencing and bioinformatics data analysis services to global customers in research universities, research institutes, hospitals, pharmaceutical R&D companies and agricultural companies. Novogene is committed to promoting the rapid development and application of proteomics in the scientific research services area using the advanced high-resolution mass spectrometry platforms and solutions from Thermo Fisher.


Joyce Peng, Ph.D.
Global Marketing Director and General Manager
San Diego, California