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Project SG100K- Singapore’s National Precision Medicine Strategy

Novogene is proud to be part of Project SG100K, Singapore’s National Precision Medicine Strategy to create Asia’s most comprehensive consented population study to further the population’s health and well-being. Paving the way for new drugs, faster diagnostics, and targeted treatments through precision medicine. 

On 26th May 2022, Precision Health Research, Singapore (PRECISE), the central entity implementing Singapore’s National Precision Medicine (NPM) strategy, and Illumina, Inc (Illumina), a leader in genomics technology, announced a strategic partnership to sequence and analyze 100,000 Singaporean whole genomes (SG100K), to create for the first time, Asia’s most comprehensive consented population study.

NovogeneAIT Genomics Singapore Pte Ltd, one of the largest Next-Generation Sequencing service providers in Asia has been appointed by Illumina to carry out genome sequencing for 100,000 individuals in Singapore as part of the SG100K project.

According to Justin Lee, CEO of NovogeneAIT Genomics, “The National Precision Medicine (NPM) Project is a landmark initiative to transform healthcare by leveraging advancements in genomics. We are proud to carry out the sequencing for this project and contribute to our national effort to build up our population genomics database. We look forward to partnering with Illumina, a leader in genomics technology; and our local ecosystem partners to enhance our laboratory infrastructure, strengthen our local biotech talent and capabilities to better inform disease prevention strategies, drug development and treatment for the Asian population.”

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