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Novogene revolutionizes genomics research with introduction of PacBio Revio™ services for more accurate and affordable long-read sequencing

Novogene, a leading global provider of sequencing services, has announced the introduction of services on PacBio latest Revio™ platform. Novogene has also been awarded the prestigious PacBio CERTIFIED SERVICE PROVIDER. By joining the PacBio Certified Service Provider Program, Novogene becomes part of a global network of validated sequencing service labs, offering unparalleled access to HiFi Sequencing technology.

Novogene PacBio CSP Certificate

The PacBio Revio™ system is a game-changer in long read genomics sequencing, allowing for more accurate and affordable comprehensive variants profiling and direct methylation detection, with implications for research in a wide range of fields, including agrigenomics, human genetics, and cancer research. With a 15x increase in throughput over its predecessor-Sequel IIe, PacBio Revio™ system can generate 1,300 human genome equivalents per year. It also promises an exceptional accuracy rate of 90% for bases ≥Q30 and a median read accuracy ≥Q30, while capturing a comprehensive snapshot of genetic variants (including SNVs, InDels, structural variants, tandem repeat expansions) and direct methylation detection in a single sequencing run.

With 18 patents, 40 software copyrights, and over 1100 cumulative impact factor publications in international journals, Novogene has established a significant influence in the long-read sequencing field and has developed expertise in variation calling, genome assembly and gene annotation.

Novogene newly installated PacBio Revio™ System in sequencing lab

Novogene is committed to improving its service level and providing customers worldwide with more accurate and efficient service experiences. The strong expertise and profound background in genetic technology make Novogene a reliable partner for genome research worldwide. With the introduction of the PacBio Revio platform, Novogene continues to lead the trend of genome research worldwide and provide increasingly comprehensive solutions for scientists.