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Novogene Enhances Long-Read Sequencing Capacity with Purchase of Six PacBio Revio Sequencers

Novogene, a leading provider of genomic services and solutions, has enhanced its long-read sequencing capacity with the addition of six PacBio Revio sequencers to its range of platforms. This development follows the company’s recent strategic investments to expand its global sequencing capacity, reinforcing Novogene’s commitment to continuously driving the sequencing industry forward.

The purchase of the PacBio Revio sequencers strengthens Novogene’s long-read sequencing services in research areas of human health and disease mechanism and builds on its existing services for animal and plant whole genome sequencing, genome assembly, genome resequencing, full-length transcript sequencing, and microbial genomics research.

The Revio sequencer provides a PacBio Revio | Long-read sequencing at scale increasein data output over the previous generation model, offering swift, complete, and highly accurate long-read data. Notably it has opened applications in key areas such as rare diseases, drug development, cancer research, neurological disorders and population health. As long-read sequencing becomes more cost-effective and efficient, its application in disease diagnosis and other fields is expected to see sustained growth.

“Novogene is proud to be a leading global sequencing service provider, distinguished by our diverse range of platforms, production capacity, R&D and project expertise,” said Yi-xue Li, General Manager of Novogene Global Product Centre. “We are committed to being a key player in the life sciences industry, offering a high-quality, fast turnaround and cost-effective sequencing service to our customers. The addition of six PacBio Revio sequencers will enable us to continue to meet these goals into 2024.”

PacBio Chief Commercial Officer Jeff Eidel comments: “We are honoured to further our collaboration with Novogene, one of our most important global partners. Our partnership dates back to the launch of the first Pacific Biosciences sequencers. Since 2017 we have built a strong partnership with Novogene who have been one of the most reliable long-read sequencing service providers globally. In the future, we will continue to explore new application areas and extend the use of HiFi long-read sequencing technology to various fields of human health.”

The last six months have seen Novogene mark significant achievements utilizing the PacBio Revio system, including achieving a record single-SMRT cell output of 121.36G. The platform has used over 1,000 SMRT Cells and extended its service to encompass a wide array of more than 300 species including mammals, agricultural plants, aquatic animals, molluscs, and insects. Novogene’s commitment to cutting-edge genomics research, supported by high-quality PacBio HiFi data, has enabled significant advancements from chromosome-level to T2T assembly, enhancing the scope and depth of genomic research. To date, Novogene has constructed genome maps for over 1,000 species and contributed to 137 co-authored publications in international journals, with a cumulative impact factor of over 1,400.

Throughout 2024 Novogene will continue to deploy cutting-edge sequencing platforms across its global labs, ensuring it can meet the varied sequencing requirements of its customers wherever they are based in the world. Novogene remains focused on delivering customer-centric, cost-effective, high-quality, and reliable services, ensuring it remains a trusted research partner for users across the globe.