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Novogene introduces PacBio Revio™ services — Unlocking high-throughput and affordable long read sequencing for your next big discovery

Novogene’s introduction of the services on PacBio latest Revio™ platform marks a major uplift of its long read sequencing offerings in terms of accuracy and affordability for a variety of research fields, including agrigenomics, human genetics, and cancer research.

The PacBio Revio™ system is a game-changer in long read genomics sequencing. With a 15x increase in throughput over its predecessor-Sequel IIe, PacBio Revio™ system can generate 1,300 human genome equivalents per year. It also promises an exceptional accuracy rate of 90% for bases ≥Q30 and a median read accuracy ≥Q30, while capturing a comprehensive snapshot of genetic variants (including SNVs, InDels, structural variants, tandem repeat expansions) and direct methylation detection in a single sequencing run.

Figure 1. Comparison of performance parameter between Revio system and Sequel IIe system

Novogene is one of the largest global sequencing solution providers and a market leader in sequencing quality, sequencing capacity, and range of omics solutions. The introduction of Pacbio Revio platform to its existing line-up of sequencers shows the continuous commitment to bring the latest sequencing technologies at scale and affordability to the research community.

Figure 2. Novogene newly installated PacBio Revio™ System in sequencing lab

Long read sequencing has multiple utilities, including de novo sequencing. Novogene has accumulated more than a decade of experiences in the field of de novo sequencing technology and its applications via strong collaborations with leading research institutions. To date, it has assembled genomes for over 950 species, including humans, mammals, crops, fruit trees, forests, algae, aquatic animals, insects, and microorganisms. It has also accomplished the first-ever full-genome assembly for species like land cotton, scallops, Tibetan pigs, golden monkeys, Tianma, and Yellow River carp, which yielded publications in top-tier journals such as Science and Nature. In 2022, Novogene has completed the assembly work for 300 samples with different genome characteristics and the development of Telomere-to telomere (T2T) genome assembly process, leading to the award of four patents, and development of assembly process for super-large genomes, such as 19G plant genome chromosome-level assembly.

Novogene has similarly made strides in metagenome sequencing using long read technologies. It has developed strong know-hows in overcoming technical challenges with sample preparation of complex specimens such as soil, faeces and gut content and effective workflow for high-quality microbial genome map assembly.

Novogene is dedicated to enhancing its service level and delivering customers across the globe with an exceptional genomics service. With its extensive knowledge and experience in sample preparation, genomics sequencing, and bioinformatics, Novogene strive to remain as a trusted genomic partner to researchers worldwide.