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Premade library

With our world-leading, powerful, and sophisticated sequencing platforms (Illumina, Pacbio, and Oxford Nanopore), we provide sequencing services for pre-made libraries at different read lengths and capacities to suit any cost, project scale, and turnaround.

Novogene accepts customers’ prepared libraries for sequencing. We have a variety of sequencing platforms that offer an assortment of sequencing read length, flux, and time cycle options. We directly sequence qualified libraries provided by customers and produce high-quality sequencing data, thus providing data basis for bioinformatics analysis by customers. Novogene has a professional and efficient operations team to ensure customer project cycle and data quality. We strive to provide customers with fast and easy sequencing services. Our services combine scientific scheme design, strict quality control management, rich project experience and high-quality project service to ensure that every link can be excellently completed to facilitate scientific research. With our world-leading capacity, including the Illumina, Pacbio and Oxford Nanopore platforms, we provide sequencing services for pre-made libraries at highly competitive and cost-effective prices.


  • NGS technologies: Novogene is a top-brand in sequencing capacity using state-of-the-art technology, including Illumina NovaSeq 6000, NovaSeqX Plus systems, Pacbio sequel II/ IIe and Oxford Nanopore promethION Beta.
  • Sequencing strategy: Novogene employs PE150, PE250, PE50, SE50, and other customized set-ups.
  • Extensive experience: We take pride in completing over 2000+ sequencing projects, and our data has been published in many high-profile journals.

Specifications: Sample Requirements

Platform Data Amount  Volume Concentration*
NovaSeq X Plus PE150 X < 30 G ≥ 15 µL ≥ 2 ng/μL, quantified by Qubit® 2.0 (Life Technologies) 
≥ 2 nmol/L quantified by
30 G ≤ X < 100 G ≥ 30 µL
100 G ≤ X < 375 G ≥ 70 µL
Lane sequencing
(375Gb data per lane)
≥70 μL/lane (add 70 µL for each additional lane)
NovaSeq 6000 S4 PE150 X < 30 G ≥ 15 µL
30 G ≤ X < 100 G ≥ 25 µL
100 G ≤ X < 400 G ≥ 50 µL
400 G ≤ X < 800 G ≥ 70 µL
Lane sequencing
(800 Gb data per lane)
≥ 70 µL/lane (add 70 µL for each additional lane)
NovaSeq6000 SP PE250/PE50/SE50 X < 30 M reads ≥ 15 µL
30 M ≤ X < 100 M reads ≥ 25 µL
100 M ≤ X < 400 M reads ≥ 50 µL
Lane sequencing
(400 M reads per lane)
≥ 70 µL/lane (add 70 µL for each additional lane)

High concentration samples should be diluted before delivery. Pre-made libraries should be colorless.

Specifications: Illumina Sequencing


Platform Read Length Data Output
NovaSeq 6000 PE150 800 G/lane
3.2 T/flowcell
PE250 400 M pair reads/lane
800 M pair reads/flowcell
PE50 400 M pair reads/lane
800 M pair reads/flowcell
SE50 400 M single reads/lane
800 M single reads/flowcell
NovaSeq X Plus PE150 375 G/lane
3 T/flowcell

Project Workflow

For self-constructed libraries provided by the customers, quality analysis is performed initially before sequencing to ensure the quality of the data. The qualified libraries are fed into Illumina sequencers after pooling according to their effective concentrations and expected data volumes.