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At Novogene, we take pride in offering multi-omics solutions that support the realization of your research objectives. Our dedicated team is here to guide you at every stage, enhancing your genomics research experience — from providing technical insights and assisting in the selection of sequencing applications and platforms to data analysis.

Why partner with us?

  • Benefit from our multi-platform capabilities. We operate 8 global genomics labs across the continents.
  • Manage all your sequencing projects in one place on our Customer Service System (CSS) , which includes shared functions for collaborative project management with your peers.
  • Customize and re-analyze your RNA sequencing data with NovoMagic , our free-to-use, cloud-based RNA-seq bioinformatics services, offering 17 toolkits for data analysis customization to Venn diagram, Volcano plot, GO/KEGG enrichment, and more.
  • Discover our support for your research journey, providing proteomics and diverse sequencing services to enhance your research capabilities.


Sequencing Platform


    NovaSeq 6000

    System specifications:

    80Gb - 6Tb output range, 1.6 - 40 B paired end reads per run, and PE150, PE250, PE50, etc.c


    NovaSeq X Plus

    System specifications:

    10B flowcell: 375G raw data per lane, ~3T raw data per Flowcell, and 2 x 150 bp read length.
    25B flowcell: 1T raw data per lane, ~8T raw data per Flowcell, and 2 x 150 bp read length.


    PacBio Sequel II/IIe System

    System specifications:

    N50>15kb, read lengths up to 25kb (CCS), >99.999% (QV50) consensus accuracy, coverage across high-GC/repeat regions. HiFi reads for PacBio Sequel IIe only.

  • PacBio

    PacBio Revio System

    System specifications:

    N50>15kb, 90% of bases ≥Q30, 90Gb HiFi yield / SMRT Cell, 360Gb HiFi yield / run, 24-hour run times etc.


    Nanopore PromethION

    System specifications:

    Ultra-long reads up to 2Mb, high yields for large genomes, real-time and accessible for flexible budgets.

*All specifications are available on Illumina, PacBio, and Oxford Nanopore official websites.