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Novogene’s Single-Cell Sequencing Services Facilitate Mammalian Stem Cell Regeneration Research


Utilizing cutting-edge techniques, 10X Genomics single-cell gene expression, the researchers established a spatial and temporal cellular atlas of deer antler regeneration. They systematically characterized the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the rapid growth and regeneration of deer antlers. The study demonstrated that the regenerative process in deer antlers aligns with stem cell-based mammalian regeneration. Furthermore, the researchers identified a population of regenerative progenitor cells known as Antlerogenic Bone and Cartilage Progenitor Cells (ABPCs) that possess self-renewal, bone-to-cartilage differentiation, and bone tissue repair capabilities. This cellular foundation provides valuable insights into deer antler regeneration and offers novel perspectives on mammalian regenerative biology, thereby paving the way for future advancements in regenerative medicine.

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