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Third-Generation Sequencing Guide to Whole Genome Re-sequencing


Whole Genome Re-sequencing offers the full spectrum of genetic variation of an organism (i.e. human, plant, animal or microbe) through the alignment of sequenced reads of entire genome to known genomic sequences. This genomics research further helped to refine our understandings on evolution, adaptation, and disease. It has been dominated by Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies for decades, driven by its superiority in producing highly accurate (>99.9%) short sequencing reads, on a massive scale with cost-effectiveness. Yet, the suboptimal application of it in many instances inevitably revealed two major shortcomings: GC biased coverage and limited read length to span highly complex or repetitive area.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction of Third-Generation Sequencing platforms – PacBio and Nanopore, per principle, superiority compared to NGS and application potentials in biological and biomedical researches
  • Our optimized Whole Genome Re-sequencing pipeline on PacBio and Nanopore, from sample submission guidelines to bioinformatic analysis
  • Novogene-powered Case study Share exemplifies how this service is practically applied in genomics


Silu Li, Product Specialist,Novogene Corporation Inc