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From Single-cell RNA-seq to Spatial Transcriptomics

In contrast to whole tissue RNA sequencing, single cell sequencing has been a promising tool in the research for medical and clinical treatments by analyzing individual cell at its micro-environments and making discoveries of unknown cell types particularly in rare diseases.

Obtaining quantitative information on gene expression changes within cells can be laborious and challenging. Spatial transcriptomes, an emerging technique that utilizes spatially barcoded, complementary DNA primers for full-transcriptome capture on tissue sections can be added to RNA-seq data to transform our understanding of tissue functional organization and cell to cell interactions in situ.

Join experts conversing at this webinar hosted by Novogene, as we welcome Dr. Shyam Prabhakar (Genomics Institute of Singapore) and Dr. Watanabe Akira (Kyoto University) to share their research outcomes from applying single-cell RNA sequencing to their research. Furthermore, Dr. Mynn Tan from 10x Genomics will discuss on the current trends and developments of single-cell sequencing and spatial transcriptomics solutions in Asia and how researchers/scientists can find the flexibility in approaching their analysis with spatial technology.