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Spatial Genomics Workflow: GeoMx DSP Overview and Library Sequencing


Novogene will focus on how they process DSP libraries, based on their unique properties. They will cover the structure of DSP libraries, library QC metrics, setting up the runs and expected data metrics. This webinar will showcase Novogene’s expertise in pre-made library sequencing and how they can convert your GeoMx DSP libraries to high quality data, with industry-leading turnaround time.

Learning Objectives:

  • Watch this webinar to learn about the GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP) workflow with a deep dive into GeoMx DSP library sequencing. GeoMx DSP enables you to spatially profile the whole transcriptome and high plex protein data in user-selected regions of interest in fresh frozen or FFPE tissue samples. You can precisely select which tissue compartments or cell types to profile based on the biology, and subsequently count expression levels using either the nCounter Analysis System or an Illumina Sequencer.


Yunmei Karanjawala, PhD – Technical Support Supervisor

Jay Nakamura Clark – Senior Technical Sales Specialist