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Novogene presents advanced sequencing services featuring NanoString’s groundbreaking Digital Spatial Profiling Solutions


Join our joint webinar with NonaString exploring innovations in genomics research. Novogene will demonstrate the optimized sequencing pipelines and showcase NovaSeq X Plus platform, providing ultra-high throughput sequencing with rapid turnaround times, that empowers diverse genomic discoveries. We’ll also host NanoString to unveil their marvelous GeoMx technology that spatially profiles RNA and protein expression across tissues and cells, decoding spatial information to reveal molecular changes at subcellular resolution, accelerating biomarker discovery and hypothesis testing across research areas. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how expertise and technology intersect to advance genomics.

Learning Objectives:

  • Novogene demonstrates pioneering Sequencing-Only Service and NovaSeq X Plus, enabling high-throughput genomic discoveries.
  • NanoString unveils GeoMx for spatially resolved tissue profiling at subcellular resolution.
  • Explore the genomics technology frontier with Novogene’s sequencing and NanoString’s spatial profiling innovations.


Silu Li
— Product Specialist
Novogene Corporation Inc.

Sayani Bhattacharjee, PhD
— Field Application Specialist
NanoString Technologies