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NGS Techniques for Microbial Exploration: An In-depth Workshop


Welcome to our NGS techniques workshop for microbial discovery. This workshop is focused on providing an in-depth understanding of the latest NGS techniques and how they can be applied to advance our understanding of microorganisms and their impact on the environment. We will delve into various next-generation sequencing workflows such as RNA-Seq, Metagenomics, PCR amplicon and more. You will learn how to optimize these techniques to benefit your research goals and discover new possibilities in the field of microbial science. Join us and gain the skills and knowledge to take your research to the next level.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction of the latest NGS techniques to study microorganisms
  • Novogene microbial pipelines from sample submission guidelines to bioinformatic analysis
  • Novogene-powered case study share exemplifies how these services are practically applied in microbial studies


Charles Thompson – Senior Product Specialist

Kyle Galford – Regional Sales Manager