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Next Generation Sequencing Solutions for Transcriptomics and Epigenetics Research

Regulation of gene expression is crucial for the survival and adaptability of living organisms as a response to developmental cues and environmental stimuli. Whilst different mechanisms of gene expression regulation have been established during evolution, epigenetics invokes upregulation or downregulation of gene expression without changing the underlaying DNA sequence. In recent years, the development of multi-omics methods has made it possible to comprehensively and simultaneously profile and elucidate multiple transcriptomic and epigenetic pathways in eukaryotic organisms.

In this webinar, our technical expert will present the most recent NGS solutions in the fields of transcriptomics and epigenetics, such as DNA methylation, chromatin accessibility, and histone modifications, highlight key benefits of existing technologies and methodologies, and discuss the future direction of integrating diverse datasets within the multi-omics approach.

In this free webinar, you will learn about the following topics:
· Current methodologies in transcriptomics and epigenetics
· Sample types and requirements for various applications
· NGS solutions and analysis approaches