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ncRNA-seq Results Explained: What you can explore with non-coding RNA data

Non-coding RNA-sequencing (ncRNA-seq) is a powerful technique for studying the regulatory functions of different types of ncRNAs in gene expression: from long non-coding RNA sequencing (lncRNA-seq), small RNA sequencing (sRNA-seq) to circular RNA sequencing (circRNA-seq) for diverse eukaryotic species.

The data generated by ncRNA-seq can uncover the gene expression profile of coding and non-coding transcripts and assist in the discovery of novel transcripts, to establish regulation networks among lncRNA, miRNA and circRNA.

However, without a background in bioinformatics, the analysis required can be both challenging and intimidating. In this follow up webinar to our ‘RNA-seq Results Explained’, we provide an overview of the ncRNA-seq analysis workflow, and a walkthrough of the tools and processes used to assess your datasets and meet your research goals.

In this webinar, you will:

· Get an overview of ncRNA sequencing approaches
· Learn about ncRNA-seq data evaluation & visualisation
· Get familiar with data handling software and file formats