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Long-reads Sequencing in Human, Plant and Animal Whole Genome Research


In contrast to short-read sequencing, the cutting-edge long-reads sequencing technology can generate continuous sequences at tens of kilobases in length directly from native DNA, making it possible to conquer the problems caused by technical limits in the short-reads approaches. Not only being able to reveal the SNP and InDel information that can be achieved by the short-read sequencing, long-read sequencing represented by PacBio and Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT) platforms features in uncovering the large structural variants, assembling simple and complex genomes, and directly detecting the methylation information.

With the nature of long reads in high accuracy and high throughput, Novogene’s PacBio Revio system platform which generates 360 Gb of HiFi reads per day, a 15× increase compared to the previous Sequel IIe system, marks a significant breakthrough in complete genome solutions with long-reads sequencing. It allows for more accurate and affordable comprehensive variants profiling and direct methylation detection in a wide range of research fields, including agricultural genomics, human genetics, and cancer research.

Powered by the new star PacBio Revio system and years of projects experiencesexperience in long-reads sequencing, Novogene is confident into providinge you with cost-effective and tailored whole genome sequencing services and solutions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the cutting-edge long-read sequencing technology and its popular platforms
  • Knowing Novogene’s services and solutions based on long-reads sequencing, especially the PacBio Revio platform.
  • Learning project experience and insights via Novogene-powered literature case studies.


Uma Nagarajan, Ph.D.
— Senior Technical Support Scientist