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A Beginner’s Guide to Sequencing Applications and the Microbiome

Advances in sequencing technologies have enabled researchers to gain a deep understanding of molecular changes in both host and microbial cells, and we are beginning to piece together the complex relationship we have with our microbiomes.

Join us for a webinar discussing the recent advances in sequencing technologies and how they are being appliedg to understand the microbiome. Our technical expert will guide you through the basic principles and some case studies to help understand metagenome and metatranscriptome sequencing applications. Some of the informatics analysis approaches being used for different sequencing outputs including those from metagenome (amplicon-based/shotgun based) and metatranscriptome sequencing will also be introduced. The webinar will highlight recent research advances that have provided insight into the role the microbiome plays in health and disease.
In this free beginner’s guide webinar, you will learn about:
· Sequencing options to target individual microbial species or a community
· End-to-end workflow from sample extraction to data analysis for various sequencing applications
· Commonly used analysis pipelines for each type of microbiome research project
· Our newly launched analysis pipeline for dual RNA-seq and shallow shotgun metagenome sequencing (SSMS)