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Understanding RNA-Seq analysis: A beginner’s guide

Understanding RNA-Seq analysis: A beginner’s guide.
RNA-Seq (RNA-sequencing or transcriptome sequencing) examines the quantity (quantification) and sequences (isoform identification) of RNA using various sequencing technologies. In this, the follow-up to our ‘A beginner’s guide to RNA-Seq’ webinar, our expert will guide you through the RNA-Seq data analysis process.
Without a background in bioinformatics it can be challenging to extract useful information from such large and complex datasets. In this webinar, we provide an overview of the analysis pipeline and walk you through the tools and processes to help you analyse your datasets to meet your research goals.
In this beginner’s guide to RNA-Seq analysis you will:

  • Gain a step-by-step overview of RNA-Seq analysis process
  • Understand the most common RNA-Seq analysis pipeline
  • Familiarise yourself with RNA-Seq analysis software and file formats