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10x Single Cell RNA Sequencing and Its Application to Liver Disease

The opportunity to provide researchers with an unprecedented insight into the transcriptional landscape of cells by using RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) has boosted many important discoveries. However, RNA-seq is generally performed in bulk, which measures average gene expression levels based on thousands to millions of cells. Benefitting from cutting-edge Next GEM technology powered by 10x Genomic in recent years, single-cell RNA-seq makes it possible to partition each single cell from a pool of cells and label each single cell, simultaneously. In turn, it can reveal cell-to-cell differences and cellular heterogeneities that are often obscured by bulk RNA-seq. Until now, 10x single-cell RNA-seq has been successfully applied to manifold research fields.

In this webinar, we will walk you through the world of single cell RNA sequencing. From sample submission to library preparation to sequencing and bioinformatic analysis pipeline. We will also shed light on several case studies of recently published papers to help understand how 10x single cell RNA sequencing is applied to the liver disease researches.