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Brochure-10x scRNA Animal Sample Preparation Introduction


Welcome to the second series of the single-cell sample preparation brochure shared by Novogene! In the previous series, we shared some tips for preparing single-cell samples from challenging tissues such as cartilage, trachea, and synovium (Series 1 – Preparation of difficult-to-isolate single-cell samples from common tissues). In this series, we will focus on the protocols for preparing single-cell samples from animal species.

Single-cell sequencing technology has opened up new possibilities for agronomic research, enabling the analysis of gene expression and regulation at the individual cell level. However, the preparation of high-quality single-cell samples from various economic animals and plants is not a trivial task. Some tissues, such as skin, have unique characteristics that require special attention and optimization. In this series, we will introduce you to the best practices for preparing single-cell samples from pigs, cattle, goats, and chickens, covering different types of tissues such as skins, lungs, and epithelial cells.

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