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Media Report | Keep adjusting based on the change - How can Novogene maintain the global competitiveness

Media Report | Keep adjusting based on the change – How can Novogene maintain the global competitiveness

As BCC Research’s data showed, in 2019 the scale of global gene sequencing market had reached 15.8 billion USD, which had maintained high-speed growth. In the aspect of industrial chain, the midstream and downstream markets had wider developing potential. Novogene which was among the top enterprises in the midstream market had stood out of the competitive market based on the multiple kinds of advantages including the advanced technology and innovative mode. Since it was founded 10 years ago, as a newly established enterprise with less than 10 members, now Novogene has become a global enterprise with thousands of employees and been successfully listed. As the founder Dr. Li Ruiqiang said, “We are good at organizing effective resources”, so that the global partners have noticed the unique advantage of Novogene in the competition of genomic sequencing industry.

In fact, when it was founded, Novogene had realized the importance of global layout. After the branch enterprise was established in Hong Kong in 2013, Novogene has begun its global business step by step, and has established the local laboratories in USA, Singapore and UK to offer localization services to the global clients.

Advanced technology helps accelerate global layout

In the last 10 years, as NGS technology has got developed, the technology service system of Novogene has gradually grown and got perfected. 10 years of effort helps lay a good foundation. With the professional service level and timely respond system, Novogene has established stable cooperation with all clients, obtained the good market reputation and got highly recognized in the industry.

In recent years, as the global laboratory layout has been done, the global standardization laboratory management system and service process of Novogene has been further perfected, which has brought significant result of its global localization strategy. In 2016, with the super high-throughput of 40,000 whole genome sequencing results per year, Novogene had been leading the genomic sequencing industry in China even all over the world. On the occasion of this opportunity, Novogene had established the first genome sequencing center in USA, which would offer leading next generation sequencing and bioinformatics analysis service to global genomics researchers using USA as the base. In the same year, NovogeneAIT (The Singapore genome joint operation center established by Novogene and AITbiotech) announced that it would establish whole genome sequencing center together with GIS. When offering super-large scale and high-quality sequencing service to Singapore and other countries in the area, they would also advance the related important research projects. In 2017, the scientific technology service based on the high-throughput sequencing platform of Novogene had had the largest market share in China and been continuously developing globally. In 2018, Novogene established the first sequencing center in Europe in Cambridge, UK, which was to meet the expanding localized requirement in the European market, offer faster, more effective, closer to the latest market service and support to the markets in the area. It was also an important port for Novogene to develop the business in Europe.

In 2020, among the global Top 100 facilities of Nature index, 96% of them were the clients of Novogene. Currently, Novogene has set its business network all over the world, with over 4000 clients covering about 70 countries and areas. Global technology service business has become one of the important sources of income, which has formed the market entry barrier for new enterprises. Its business layout is obviously better than other Chinese enterprises’ in general.

Leading scale shows the advantage in competition

As the scale of global genomic sequencing has been growing, the global market business of it has been growing as well. The technology advantage of high-throughput and low cost is gradually emerged globally.

The European and American countries made early development of bioscience industry, and they used the sequencing mode of self-made sequencing laboratory built by the scientific facilities. With this mode, the researchers could solve the small amount of sequencing in the laboratory of their own schools. However as the scale and depth of bioscience research grew significantly, this small-scale sequencing mode of center laboratory was more and more incompatible with the scientific sequencing requirement of high efficiency, high quality and fast cycle. Since there are few centralized sequencing experiment centers with high-throughput sequencing devices and technology in the world, with scientific sensitiveness and solid NGS service level, Novogene can finish the projects more effectively than the local core institutions and most service providers. That’s why Novogene stands out of the sequencing enterprises and gets highly favored by the international clients. It may be one of the key factors why Novogene has maintained the global competitiveness.

When reviewing the last 10 years of development, Novogene has got stable and fast globalization result. It has established global technology service network, and realized the standardization and effectiveness of global service. Dr. Li Ruiqiang emphasized, “In the future we expect that we can be at the same starting line with the leading international scientific institutions, we can use professional technology service to get favored from global clients, and become their reliable partners.” In the future, Novogene will continue to develop the global localization business, develop the European, American and Asian markets, make good use of the wide market brought by the commercialized application and development of global genomic sequencing market, and make another 10 years of notable achievement.