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Media Report-10 years of Novogene: Brave minds behind the rapid growth of gene technology

Media Report – 10 years of Novogene: Brave minds behind the rapid growth of gene technology

10 years of dedication and innovation

On the 15th March 2021 we celebrate Novogene’s 10th anniversary! It’s been an incredible decade that has seen Novogene grow from a small bioinformatics company into a global leader in the next – generation sequencing market.

We were founded in 2011. Our strong sequencing background coupled with the right technology and a deep understanding of the industry meant we were well placed to ride the genomics wave. Our focus on developing our gene sequencing and data analysis capabilities helped us to gain an edge with a number of complex cutting – edge sequencing technologies. This helped to set us apart from the competition.

Cutting – edge sequencing technology

From De Novo to third – generation and single cell sequencing, we have built a powerful sequencing platform that covers a diverse range of sequencing requirement. From the study of genomics to an integrated research system consisting of proteomics, metabolomics and multi – omics, we developed a cross – disciplinary synergy covering basic research, translational research to clinical application.

International growth

We’re really proud of our international pedigree. Our move from a China – based company to a multi – national was carefully planned to ensure we maintained our high standards as we grew. We established localised laboratories and subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Japan and Thailand. We now serve customers in more than 70 countries across six continents. Key to managing this growth was establishing solid management systems and processes for our global laboratories. This meant we could ensure consistency across all our labs. A mix of our systems and experienced local teams enabled us to respond quickly to meet local needs – this was the birth of our global localisation approach to growth.

Bioinformatics supercomputing

Accurate analysis and interpretation of the human genetic code requires huge databases and a high – throughput, high – precision, cost – effective platform. Our supercomputing platform needs to work with some seriously big data sets. We have invested heavily in our supercomputing platform with clusters in all our major labs. This enables us to offer bioinformatics in – house, delivering you publication ready data. We are constantly pushing the capabilities of our platform – and are always developing new technologies to improve the efficiency and scale of our NGS and bioinformatics services.

Constantly driving innovation

Some of our innovations over the last few years include developing the first high – throughput, high – performance bioinformatics analysis software and database; completing the first experimental platform; and building the world’s leading intelligent NGS delivery system for automating much of the sequencing process. The combination of improvements to both technology and processes has helped us to improve the efficiency and accuracy of our services to reduce sequencing costs and shorten delivery cycles for our customers.

Advancing genomics, improving life

Today it’s our 10th birthday! We would like to take this time to thank our 4,000+ customers across the globe for making this such a happy birthday! We would especially like to thank our dedicated team who all play a pivotal role in the success of both our company and our customer’s science.

We look forward to the next 10 years and are ready to keep innovating and driving the industry forward. We will build on our foundations and continue to invest in cutting – edge research and development. Our mission remains the same: To advance genomics and improve life.