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Sample Shipment

We have created this page to provide you with details on how to prepare and ship your samples to ensure they arrive at our sequencing centre safely. Please note that samples should only be sent to Novogene once you have submitted a Sample Information Form (SIF) and the project has been accepted by our Technical Support team. To get a SIF please contact your Account Manager or you can use our Customer Service System (CSS). You can find more information about our CSS along with instructional videos on our YouTube channel.

Sample Shipment Guides

This Novogene Sample Requirement document contains DNA, RNA, and premade library requirements for all service types. It is essential that the appropriate instructions are followed to ensure the successful completion of your project. If your samples do not comply with our standards, please contact us for evaluation.

This document provides guidelines on how to prepare DNA or RNA from different sources. If you need other support, or extraction services, please contact your Account Manager or contact us at for details.